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Rogue Partner Coffee

Dark roast coffee espresso blend | whole bean 1kg | ideally partnered with oat milk

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Ideally partnered with Oat Milk as the plant-based and non-dairy alternative

Roast profile: Dark | 5/5

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate | Dried fruit

Origins: Ethiopia | Brazil | Vietnam

This is a balanced blend giving a bright, full body with notes of dark chocolate and a  roasted aroma.

If brewed as a single espresso with 8g of coffee a heavy mouth feel with malty and dried fruit aromas will be present.

If brewed as a double espresso and with steamed and texturised milk, the malty characteristics and buttery notes will be present in this full bodied coffee.

1 kilo of whole beans makes approximately 60 cups of coffee

This is coffee, ideal for:
- Espresso machines

- Cafetiere

- Aeropress

- Stove top (moka)

- Drip machine