About us

The idea for Rogue Partner Coffee first came to me in 2021. I was out for coffee with my brother and sister and noticed they both ordered their coffees with almond milk and oat milk. I had always been an avid coffee lover, but never strayed away from dairy milk, chalking non-dairy milks up to people who were either lactose intolerant or enjoyed a plant-based diet.

I tried each of their coffees and found that both had a delicious and distinct flavour. From those two simple sips an idea was born. If so much of the coffee we drink is accompanied by milk then why are we not partnering so that their flavours complement each other.

I partnered with Scottish based coffee experts and we set out to find the perfect blends for the most popular non-dairy milks. After several months of testing and trying different roasts and blends we came up with our three signature coffees.

I am really proud of what we achieved and hope you will join us in finding your perfect partner.


Our founder Adam with his sister and brother