About our coffee


Legend has it that Kaldi an Ethiopian goat herder watched on as his herd ate red berries from a nearby bush. 

Kaldi chewed the berries himself and exhilarated with what he tasted rushed back to show the berries to his fellow townsfolk. A holy man in the village disapproved of them and threw them into a fire, which created a wonderful smell.

The roasted beans were collected and ground down before being dissolved in water to produce the world's first cup of coffee.

Today coffee production is a massive global industry and at Rogue Partner Coffee we are delighted to be part of that.

Here is a short FAQ about our brand and our coffee:

Is your coffee ethically sourced and produced?

Yes, we only work with suppliers who promote safe working conditions for their staff and pay them a legislated minimum wage. We do not work with any suppliers where there is child labour used at any point in the supply chain. All the roasting and packing takes place in the UK.

What is in your coffee blends?

All our blends are comprised of arabica and robusta coffee beans to create the perfect blend to accompany your favourite non dairy milk.

How did you create your blends?

A group of coffee experts and coffee fans worked together over several weeks to create what we think are fantastic blends. A lot of coffee was consumed to help us get there!

How are your coffee beans roasted?

All the beans used in our blends are slow roasted in small batches. The aim is for the beans to be roasted evenly all the way through.

Why are you called Rogue Partner?

We believe in challenging the status quo and discovering new ways to think about coffee. We also want to create blends that are charming and enjoyable, like a loveable rogue.