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Rogue Partner Coffee

Medium roast coffee espresso blend | ground 1kg | ideally partnered with almond milk

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Ideally partnered with Almond Milk as the plant-based and non-dairy alternative

Roast profile: Medium | 4/5

Tasting notes: Cedar | Creamy | Chocolate

Origins: Brazil | Vietnam

With a cedar like quality on the nose enticing the palate to experience a smooth, well developed body and creamy mouthfeel.  This coffee makes a delicious espresso and will cut through steamed and texturised milk to create popular beverages that will exhibit buttery notes and hints of chocolate that allow for a pleasant lingering aftertaste. 

1 kilo of whole beans makes approximately 60 cups of coffee

This is coffee, ideal for:
- Espresso machines

- Cafetiere

- Aeropress

- Stove top (moka)

- Drip machine